Alan Anderson
Its been a busy 50 years. Worked my way through college ( U of M and Mankato) by doing all kinds of jobs-anything from concession worker at a drag strip to audio visual tech to commercial construction, welder and Daytons delivery truck driver. Worked at Nortronics as a facilty manager, then to Minnetech, and then 20 years with Viking Engineering as a field service engineer, machine control system designer and programmer. I was lucky enough to do a lot of domestic and foreign travel which had its pros and cons. For fun, I joined the Glolden Valley Fire Dept for 20 years of volunteer service, for not so fun, I married and divorced. Now remarried (great gal-18 years), cancer survivor, semi-retired after 6 more years of work with Benchmark Electronics ( in Rochester and Winona) After moving to St. Charles we bought a large Catholic Church and the wife opened a Bridal Store ( White Rose and I bought a farm on the Whitewater River and raise Angus cattle, corn and soybeans. I like John Deere tractors (all 14 of them) and the outdoors where I can deer hunt on my own land. Its been quite a ride.
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